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Color Block Throw/Ruana

A few months ago I was working on a crochet project using Lion Brand Heartland Yarn and the granite/moss stitch.  My son liked the feel of that yarn & stitch combo and asked for a small blanket he could use while lounging around the house. (That awesome inspiration project was the Granite Cape pattern from All About Ami, which also nicely explains the granite/moss stitch if you haven’t used it before.)

I thought about it and finally came up with this throw/ruana.

I wanted something he could use as a lap blanket, or wrap around his shoulders.  A ruana seemed just right.

I don’t have a written pattern, but here are general guidelines if you want to make something similar.  The finished size of this one was about 30″ x 47″.

I used a size J (6mm) Clover Amour crochet hook, and

A total of 6 skeins of Lion Brand Heartland Yarn.  2 of each of the following colors:

Black Canyon



I started with 150 Foundation Single Crochet in black and worked the granite/moss stitch for 34 rows before switching to the next color. I worked 34 rows in each of my selected colors.

Once I worked one block of each color with 150 stitches across, it was time to allow for the split in the middle.  Since the granite/moss stitch looks the same on both sides of the work, there is not really a ‘front’ or ‘back’, and you can start a new row on either side of the work.  So, I added my next color, and worked 74 stitches across and continued the granite/moss stitch for a total of 34 rows.  When those 34 rows were complete, I cut the yarn, flipped my work over and did the same thing again starting from the other side.  As I finished with each color, I added the next and worked an additional 34 rows in each color.

Once the final color was complete, I tied off the yarn and wove in all the tails.

He liked the final product!  This yarn and stitch combo makes a nice, cozy and warm throw.  Great for chilly nights.

I didn’t think to take pictures during the process, but if you have questions on my loosely documented guidelines please send me an email and I’ll try my best to help.